Among Us servers back online after an over 48 hours DDoS attack

Posted on March 30, 2022 at 3:32 AM

Among Us servers back online after an over 48 hours DDoS attack

Among Us is the latest victim of a distributed denial-of-service attack. The servers of this company were non-operational for more than 48 hours. The DDoS attack was initially launched on March 24.

Since the attack was launched, the users of this company have been largely affected. Indie game, a popular offering on the site, suffered a major issue with its online connectivity.

Among Us suffers a DDoS attack

Among Us is a leading online indie sneak-and-stab simulator. The developers of this game have confirmed that, indeed, this attack has happened, and it has affected their operations. A statement from the developers, Innersloth, has stated that the game is not online in North America and Europe because of the attack. The game has been offline in these two countries for more than 48 hours.

Users first reported their frustrations on Among US on March 24. The users noted that there were issues with the servers, affecting their experience on the platform. Later, the users reported that players could not use the platform, and playing online was also impossible.

Soon after these complaints, Innersloth confirmed that the servers were offline because of a DDoS attack. The official Twitter account of these developers initially stated, “We have a sabotage going on, lol.”

The developers later followed up with information about the DDoS attack. It also apologized to the users whose operations had been affected by this attack. The developers did not give the players any false hope but informed them that it could ‘take a bit” before the issue was fixed and the servers were back online.

More than 48 hours since the attack was observed and confirmed by the developers, the servers were still down, and players could not go online to access their games. The developers have since updated the situation, noting that the servers were back online.

“Ok, servers look stable and good now! Hopefully, the sabotages don’t come back – we will keep you updated if anything changes. Now get back to your tasks,” a tweet from these developers said.

Since this tweet, the developers have not issued additional reports about any further issues that have arised from the DDoS attack, showing that the matter is now under control, and players can now connect back online and continue with their games.

Users were frustrated by this situation which lasted for more than 48 hours. However, Among Us remained active on Twitter to inform the players about what was happening, and its tweets were marked with a myriad of jokes. However, in most companies, the social media accounts are managed by people who are not active in development activities, and despite these fun tweets, there were obviously people working to fight the DDoS attack and ensure users were back on the platform.

Some users replying to Among Us tweets expressed their frustrations that the company was making fun of a situation affecting their gaming. However, some players went along with these fun tweets. Most of the replies to the Among Us tweets were positive.

The menace of DDoS attacks 

DDoS attacks have become increasingly popular over the past year. DDoS attacks usually affect companies’ servers significantly, resulting in them being offline and affecting the users of different online platforms.

DDoS attacks have affected video game companies and networks that command a large user base. Some of the largest DDoS attacks on the gaming sector were launched in December 2014 on PSN and Xbox Live networks. The two networks were taken down after a large DDoS attack.

Despite the impact that DDoS attacks have on the operations of different companies, the attacks are usually difficult to predict and stop. DDoS attacks are popular in companies that heavily rely on the internet, making video games the perfect targets. As the online gaming sector continues to grow, the menace of DDoS attacks will continue to be a major problem.

DDoS attacks are usually done with a purpose. The main motive behind most DDoS attacks has been to demand ransom from companies. Some companies have been forced to pay millions of dollars to cybercriminals to stop these DDoS attacks. Companies that pay the ransom usually consider the loss to be suffered if the servers continue offline.

Among Us has not responded publicly to the motive behind this DDoS attack. However, in reply to a local publication, Innersloth noted that someone was “salty over being ejected.”

Among Us servers back online after an over 48 hours DDoS attack
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Among Us servers back online after an over 48 hours DDoS attack
Among Us suffered from a major DDoS attack that lasted for more than 48 hours. The servers have since been restored after the company averted the attack. The attack led to users being unable to access their online games.
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