Types and Origins of DDoS Attack

Posted on October 21, 2013 at 3:27 PM

Types and Origins of DDoS Attack

There are two types of DDoS attacks: a network centered attack which overloads services by consuming bandwidth and an application layered attack which overloads a service/database with application services or calls. The continuous incoming packets to the target system causes a denial of service. Both of this attack can cause considerable damange to the degree of persistence and nature.

Even though general public tends to focus on the target of a DDoS attack as victim, in reality there are multiple victims in a DDoS attack, the final target and as well the systems controlled by the intruder. Although the original user or owner not being aware about their computers have been compromised, they are nevertheless likely to suffer slow service and ultimately fail to boot. Does KoDDoS protect from such attack! Yes and without affecting your business.

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