Is Using VPN Safe Enough When You are Blogging?

Posted on December 17, 2020 at 12:38 PM

Is Using VPN Safe Enough When You are Blogging?

Are you a blogger? Or are you a small business owner and managing your blog?

If you are blogging professionally on many websites and you also have your website, we may think that you are logging into too many platforms with a password. This means you are making yourself more vulnerable to online attacks. If you consider that you are editing the blog page from the admin panel of the company you work for, not just yourself, you may be risking their data and the security of their sites.

So how often as a blogger do you connect to different Wi-Fi hotspots? In particular, we can see that self-employed people work in coworking spaces, cafes, or public spaces. Yes, free Wi-Fi is a great service, but is it worth risking both the security of your data and the security of your customers’ sites?

Perhaps the rate of working outside, using common areas, and using public Wi-Fi has decreased in recent months due to Covid-19. On the other hand, the time any user spends on the internet has increased exponentially. This has brought both diversity and density to online activities. We can assume that you are also not an exception.

On the one hand, while your investment in digital is increasing, your business as a content marketing employee has increased, and your online shopping, internet banking, digital platform membership rates have increased? So how much do you care about your safety while doing this much activity? For both your customers and your information …

Home office lifestyle is becoming more popular and natural. The return to formal education is either deferred or postponed in certain countries. Shopping and buying preferences rely on e-commerce, which demands an even quicker mechanism and network for operation. While the internet appears to be able to handle this workload quite smoothly, this process has also undergone numerous cybercrimes, data theft, intelligence disinformation, and digital privacy breaches. In this blog, as someone working on the internet, we will include details about the security flaws that need to be considered and weaknesses to be mindful of.

What is VPN and Why You Should Use It During Online Businesses?

A secure encrypted internet connection is formed through a VPN, a virtual private network, enabling you to stay private in the Online world. Of course, this privacy covers your credit/debit card details which can secure you when shopping online. It is crucial that you first get detailed answers to the question of what a VPN is and how it functions before using a VPN in your Online services. VPN is external software that needs no extra hardware and can be downloaded on any mobile device, laptop, or desktop. You just need to buy the service or sign up, download the app, and then resume your internet purchases with one of the free versions. Your IP address is concealed, confidential personal details such as the transactions you make and the passwords you saved are also hidden, thanks to VPN, so you get a status that is almost untraceable.

VPN For Everyone

There is indeed a common misunderstanding that a VPN should be used either by organizations for their notable works or by hackers to cover their online presence and identity. Yes, these cases are relatively true, but it is now very popular for VPN usage is seen among ordinary users. And as a medium that people can use to exchange information and documentation, it is becoming more common.

While the average time individuals spent in front of the computer approach 6-8 hours a day, of course, WiFi network bugs can be abused by malicious software developers. Therefore, you can both have anonymity by covering your IP address and exchange details and files in an encrypted way by using a secure and high-quality VPN service. If you are planning to research a VPN to keep your customers’ own details and website credentials secure, you can check the review on NordVPN.

Password Security

And if you work on many sites and use the same passwords and account information on many sites, it means your devices pretty vulnerable to online attacks. We suggest that you use powerful and distinct passwords that contain both letters and numbers automatically created by platforms such as Chrome and use software such as Yandex Key or Google Password Manager. They are useful to manage passwords as well. It should not be ignored to use two-factor authentication and SMS verification methods. In this way, you can avoid losing your and your clients’ passwords since it would require second validation.  

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