Oversell! hosting that can ruin your website

Posted on April 5, 2014 at 11:46 AM

Oversell! hosting that can ruin your website

In spite of damage due to overselling hosting services are well known, there are still too many hosting services that are involved in overselling and stretching their resources beyond the acceptable limits.

We see this every day in web hosting battles for clients. The trend these days is that many hosts are offering more for less. In other words, more bandwidth and resources for less dollars. Check out some of the moronic offers which are promised, high GB of disk space and high GB of bandwidth for less amount.

While it is true that the prices of resources used in web hosting have dropped in recent times, the truth is that many hosting services have been dropping their prices faster than their expenses have been coming down as a result of price reductions in what they use to host sites. The advantages for a web host is that they can generate more income for the same amount of web hosting resources.

At Koddos.com we provide premium services with over selling policy. You can read our terms of services.

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