Top Benefits on Using a DDoS Protection Service in 2020

Posted on April 14, 2020 at 7:35 AM

Top Benefits on Using a DDoS Protection Service in 2020

With the increased level of DDoS attacks on businesses, organizations, and government institutions, having a DDoS protection service is now a necessity.

Business organizations now have two main types of DDoS services to look for when seeking for protection against attacks. They could decide to go for DDoS protection services or DDoS premium services. The former service deals with security apps, making it more accessible to small business organizations.

DDoS prevention services are managed by experienced IT professionals who combine cutting edge technology for the detection, prevention, and mitigation of DDoS-related attacks.

The dedicated analysts examine the real-time threats of businesses and apply practical solutions to dismantle DDoS attacks and prevent network overload. So, spending some money to get a DDoS protection service could save you a lot of expenses in the future. The investment will far surpass you’re the cost of damages you may incur if a DDoS attack occurs.

There are many benefits of having a DDoS protection service, which we are going to discuss below. We shall also cover other important areas such as the meaning of DDoS attack, reasons why all businesses need to protect themselves against such attack, and how to choose the right DDoS protection service.

What is DDoS?

If you are very familiar with the meaning of DDoS and how this type of attack launched, you can skip this part. However, if you are not, this segment will be very vital for the rest of the article.

DDoS is short for Distributed Denial of Service. It’s carried out by cybercriminals who want to make a service or network unavailable for its users. The primary aim of a DDoS attack is to overload the network or service to make it too busy to attend to the queries of legitimate users. When this happens to business organizations, it affects their reputation, making them suffer the financial losses in the long run.

A DDoS attack usually comes from more than one source, and sometimes it comes from thousands of IP addresses all channeling to one network to overload the service through the network.

DDoS attacks come in two different forms: the network layer and the application layer. Network layer attacks were popular in the past, but it seems a majority of the DDoS attacks are currently on application layers.

The perpetrators of these attacks are now carrying them out on a larger scale, with some disrupting and infiltrating data with more than 1 Tbps of attacks.

Benefits of DDoS protection service

There are several benefits of having a DDoS protection service for your business organization. We are going to look into these important benefits to see why everyone needs to protect themselves from this type of cyberattack.

1)    It maintains your reputation

DDoS attack is a destroyer of reputation. A DDoS attack on a large organization will affect the trust and confidence the customers or users have on the institution. Even smaller organizations will have a similar effect, especially those who are trying to build their reputation.

DDoS Protection 1

A single attack on a customer may ruin the reputation the organization has built for many years since its existence.

For instance, when Cloudflare was attacked with 400GP per second of traffic, it affected many of its customers as the impact was too much on the content service platform. One thing about trust is the fact that it is difficult to regain when it’s lost.

Once a business loses trust or confidence from its customers, it will be very difficult to regain that trust. And as they say, customers are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, no business would strive.

That’s why all businesses must do all they can to protect themselves against DDoS attacks. Otherwise, they stand a chance of losing the trust and reputation they’ve built over the years.

2)    Saving cost

The aftermath of a DDoS attack is usually more painful financially. Those businesses that have been attacked know how much they have lost and the cost they have to bear.

DDoS Protection cost

When a business experiences downtimes or traffic is blocked, it means the customers would not be able to reach the network and carry out their transactions with the business.

The cost to the business will keep rising as long as the attack lasts. But when you have set up to prevent or mitigate such attacks with a proactive approach, the attackers would stay off. Even if they succeed in any way, the damage will be very limited as the mitigation system will pounce immediately there is an attack.

Apart from the immediate cost, there is the long term cost to contend with. When the attack causes a customer to seek another service, the business has lost not just at the moment but in terms of subsequent dealings with the customer. So, it’s very important to have a DDoS protection service to prevent all the associated costs related to DDoS attacks.

3)    Maintaining customer experience

As we have mentioned above, the customer is the king in any business. So, when a website does not perform to the expectation of the customers, they can walk away and move over to competitors.

DDoS Protection customer

Competition in the cyberspace is very fierce, and customers within this space can get frustrated easily. As most of the business activities are transacted online, they are not bound by loyalty or sentiments when making decisions.

As a result, a little network failure or breach may be all they need to run to a competitor. So, having a DDoS Protection Service is essential if business organizations want to keep their customers happy at all times.

A DDoS attack is capable of turning your customers away. When you take up DDoS Protection Service, it will prevent the attack that would have cost you your customer patronage.

A network attacked by DDoS would experience loss of assets, data, among other things. The monetary or financial value will be too high when the business wants to repair, rebuild, or purchase new equipment. Computers, routers, and other hardware components will take lots of money to purchase and replace. But you can prevent all these by subscribing to a DDoS Protection Service.

4)    Preventing colossal damage

Sometimes, the problem is not the fact that a DDoS attack occurred. Most businesses suffer too much from an attack because of its lingering effect.

DDoS Protection damage

A DDoS protection service is not a guarantee that all attacks will be prevented. No, any company or service provider offering such service wants to reap you off. Although they are called protection services, another important purpose of such service is to patch up the exposed network and prevent the spread of the attack.

A DDoS protection service will come in handy to identify the attack node and repair the affected node before repairing other parts of the network. This would help to limit the extensive damage to the entire network and prevent overhead costs in equipment, labor, and other resources. With all the benefits we have listed above, it’s obvious that having a DDoS protection service is the way to go if you want your network safe to avoid the high cost of repairs.

How to choose a reliable DDoS protection service

When your organization opts for DDoS protection services, they can come along with state-of-the-art technology and expert analysis. Apart from the obvious traffic diversion role they play, there are other important roles to consider as well.

This will avoid reputation loss, costly downtime, and other consequences that may come along. But your organization still needs to choose the right protection to serve as all services are not equal.

Some can offer the right protection the network need, while others will only do a handful of things for you. So, here are the considerations or things you should look for when choosing a DDoS protection service.

1)    Time to mitigation

This is one of the most important factors that can determine how well you will handle a DDoS attack. Once the attack occurs, the longer it stays without mitigation the greater the damage. A DDoS attack that only impacts a few minutes can take weeks to mitigate. That’s the damaging effect of these attacks.

So, you need to select a service provider that offers instant mitigation services. They don’t need to wait for several minutes or hours before getting into action. By offering preemptive hands-on detection, the mitigation would begin almost when an attack occurs. This will minimize the extent of damage the attack could have caused.

2)    Processing strength

The processing strength of the DDoS protection service should be put into consideration when choosing the right service. Processing strength is measured in millions of packets per second (MPPs) and represented by forwarding rates.

In recent DDoS attacks, some have reached up to 50 Mpps, with others going overboard and reaching unprecedented highs of 300 Mpps. If a DDoS attack has Mpps far above what your protection service can handle, things could go south quickly for you. So, it’s important to inquire about the maximum processing strength of the service provider before making your final decision.

3)    Network capacity

This is one of the important measures to determine whether a DDoS service is capable enough to offer what you want. It is measured in terabytes per second (Tbps) or gigabits per second (Gbps), as it shows the overall scalability available to the organization during an attack.

For instance, theoretically, 1 Tbps can block about the same volume of attack traffic, not including the amount of bandwidth needed to carry out its regular operations.

Many cloud-based DDoS protection services have the capacity of multiple Tbps networks. It is far more than what an individual client may need for their network protection. However, On-premises protection services are capped by default, based on the organizations’ internal hardware strength and its network pipe.

Final Words

As DDoS attacks have increased in recent times, it’s up to business organizations to find means of protecting their systems and networks against these attacks. This is because it’s always better to prevent than to repair. 

There are several other benefits of having a best DDoS protection service like Koddos in place, which will benefit the organization in general. So, if you are looking for reasons to have a DDoS protection service for your organization, we hope you’ve had enough reasons now.

Top Benefits on Using a DDoS Protection Service in 2020
Article Name
Top Benefits on Using a DDoS Protection Service in 2020
If you are looking for reasons to have a DDoS protection service for your organization, we hope you’ve had enough reasons now.
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