Vital Steps to Prevent DDoS Attacks

Posted on March 5, 2019 at 3:31 PM

Vital Steps to Prevent DDoS Attacks

In today’s complex cyber environment, it is immensely vital to be prepared for Distributed Denial of Service Attack. Today it is a rising threat not only for small businesses but for individual users as well. In DDoS attack, a hacker overwhelms a server with connection requests. The primary aim of a cyber-terrorist is too take the server down.

The consequences of DDoS attacks are usually devastating. Such attacks are very difficult to stop and they can result in significant data or financial losses for companies. However, not only businesses should think about preventing the attack of this type. Individual users, especially gamers, have to consider getting protected against DDoS as well.

Here are several effective ways that will help you to safeguard you against a potential DDoS attack:

Use VPN software

VPN technology has proven itself as one of the most secure tools for encrypting personal data on the Internet. Today VPN providers are widely used among internet users worldwide. VPN services are not expensive, on cool tech zone, one can find useful information about how to get a VPN for free.

Today advanced VPN providers use military-grade encryption to guard sensitive information against malefactors. It provides customers with virtual IP for connecting to a server, a real IP of a user is hidden. So, if a DDoS attack is launched, it will get to the server of a VPN. As your real IP is not known to a malefactor, an attack cannot take place.

Moreover, some providers offer special add-ons against malware. They are able to protect a customer against being a part of a DDoS attack. Such VPNs can help to avoid becoming a part of the traffic flood in a DDoS attack.

Have a DDoS Plan

It is immensely important for big corporations to create a DDoS plan and involve multiple teams in planning. This way, it’s possible to minimize the risks on your businesses and avoid months of recovery.

The truth is when DDoS attack hits, there is no time to think about safety measures. However, if your team is competent and aware of their responsibilities, it is able to avoid all unfavorable consequences.

The first step a team takes defines how an attack will end. In this regard, it’s vital to train employees to understand warning signals. Here are some of them: spotty connectivity on a company intranet, network or website shutdowns, etc.

Use the Cloud

Using the cloud is another good solution for preventing DDoS attacks. First of all, the cloud allows getting more bandwidth. Secondly, cloud-based applications are able to absorb malicious and harmful traffic before it reaches its destination. Moreover, cloud-based services are operated by software engineers who monitor the Internet for the latest DDoS tactics.

Choosing the proper environment for data and apps will differ between industries and companies. Hybrid environments can be extremely convenient for achieving the right balance between flexibility and security, specifically with vendors providing tailor-made solutions.

To conclude, today small and medium-sized companies are the main targets for DDoS attacks. However, individual users are not ensured for DDoS attacks either. That’s why it’s highly recommended to secure network infrastructure by using VPNs, firewalls, anti-spam, etc.

Taking into account that the threat landscape continues to grow, every company and person should stay alert and do everything to guard yourself against DDoS attacks or other types of cybercrime. Hope the article was useful for you! Stay secure and good luck!

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