VPS to Shared Hosting – Is it viable option?!

Posted on August 18, 2014 at 1:54 PM

VPS to Shared Hosting – Is it viable option?!

With a Shared Hosting plan, you share storage on a web server with other users. Since the costs of the web hosting servers are shared by all users, web hosting providers can offer more affordable prices for such services. Each site “sits” on its own partition, or section/place on the server, to keep it separate from other sites. This is generally the most economical option for hosting, as many people share the overall cost of server maintenance.

The hosting service must include system administration since it is shared by many users; this is a benefit for users who do not want to deal with it, but a hindrance to power users who want more control. Koddos offers shared hosting with offshore shared hosting, check them out.

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