What are the risks and opportunities of investing in cryptocurrencies?

Posted on May 11, 2022 at 8:30 AM

What are the risks and opportunities of investing in cryptocurrencies?

The cryptocurrency market is now capitalized at USD 2 trillion. The cryptocurrency bitcoin is worth almost $37,000. While some countries recognise cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, others are drafting laws to regulate the fast-growing crypto business

The cryptocurrency market grows and develops rapidly every year, despite all sorts of criticism and scepticism. Just imagine, in 2009 the first bitcoin appeared, the value of which was then in the range of $1. Now, one such coin sells for $37,000. Undoubtedly, seeing such growth and development of crypto market, people who were initially critical started to get interested and invest into cryptocurrencies.

We also introduce the Cryptex crypto exchange. The platform has a wide range of useful tools and a user-friendly interface that allows you to instantly make a transaction at any convenient moment. You can exchange cryptocurrency on Cryptex, it is completely anonymous and provides its users with an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency without a long registration and confirmation of their identity.

The main benefit of investing in cryptocurrency is the jump in price, which can occur in a fairly large corridor of 20%-30%. Stocks, on the other hand, very rarely rise above 20%. The timing of buying a cryptocurrency is also important to consider. You should not enter the market when the demand is very high. Once you have purchased coins, you become either a trader or a holder. Traders are those who buy and sell in the short term. However, the most effective holders are those who buy and forget about these assets. Many became millionaires by buying bitcoin when it was worth a few tens of dollars. The main unspoken rule for traders is emotional resilience. To level out the risks, you need to put a stop loss. A trader or investor submits an order, where he or she states the acceptable price limits, in order to reduce his or her losses. However, there are people who use cryptocurrencies for different needs and make them as powerful weapon. There is an article about it as well.

The development of the cryptosphere is irreversible, as the number of users increases every year. According to analytics company CrypoCompare, the market share of leading crypto exchanges has increased to 96% as of February 2022. There are now more than 300 million people worldwide using cryptocurrency. And it is quite obvious that the trend of user growth on high ranked exchanges will continue. Of course, the increase in users and investments in bitcoin will affect the price increase, because its quantity is limited to 21 million bitcoins. Which means that with the entire network capitalized at 1 trillion USD and having 20 million bitcoins in circulation, the price per coin will be 50,000 USD. With a large influx of users and a corresponding increase in capitalisation to 2 trillion USD. 

Based on this calculation, some investment funds forecast that by 2030, the price of bitcoin will rise to $1.3 million, and the capitalisation of bitcoin should rise to $1.2 trillion. In this case, the capitalization should reach $28 trillion. This estimate is based on the fact that bitcoin’s price is expected to rise to $1.3 million by 2030. Such calculations are based on the fact that an unstable traditional financial system only causes an increase in interest in alternative assets that are not linked and free from the control of a particular state and companies. The instability of national currencies in developing countries is also prompting a turn to cryptocurrencies. For example, following El Salvador and the CAR, Panama has passed a bill to regulate cryptocurrencies.

Have the best luck in your investments and awesome profit!

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