What Types of SSL Certificate Should Small Business Websites Buy?

Posted on July 17, 2020 at 8:57 AM

What Types of SSL Certificate Should Small Business Websites Buy?

Any online business or ecommerce industry needs security of data as well as transactions. Web is not a safe place anymore. Sophisticated hackers are waiting to gain access to customer’s personal information through DDOS attacks, malware, phishing etc.  Though ample web securities are available in the form of firewalls, anti-virus software, anti-malware software, wireless securities etc. who provide security to applications, networks, software’s and systems, you cannot ignore the existence of SSL certificates. You can easily find a cheap SSL certificate provider and buy SSL certificate depending on the demands of your business.

About SSL and Its Importance?

SSL is the acronym of Secured Socket Layers. It provides encryption security to all the communications made between server and browser. It is like a trust seal for visitors who are visiting unknown sites, for making online purchases as well as online payments.

It uses public and private cryptographic keys to encrypt customer sensitive information into a coded format. This makes it difficult for the website hackers to read and hence they abandon such strongly secured sites.

 Existence of SSL in a website changes URL from HTTP to HTTPS and puts a secured padlock symbol in the address bar.

In the coming years, SSL certificates have proved that firewalls and anti-virus software are not sufficient. These digital certificates are significant in proving their worth and have expanded their market to multiple small and large enterprises, which are utilising SSL encryption security, for securing their site information.

Before elaborating on how your small business requires a web certificate (SSL) for your web security, let’s check out the various validations and types of SSL certificates which are available in the market.

Different Validations of SSL Certificates:

SSL certificates come in 3 different Validations.

Domain Validation Certificate:

DV SSL can be issued very quickly within minutes and has the easiest installation process. It is very cheap and can be acquired by online emailing the requirement or by adding a DNS record.

The Certificate Authority (CA), who issues the SSL certificate, verifies the domain name prior to issuance. It is ideal for blog and brochure sites as well as small businesses.

Organisation Validation Certificate:

This is also called a company validated certificate and hence the verification of the company’s identity is essential prior to issuance. Company’s documents need to be submitted for verification and the name of the company is listed on the SSL certificate.

This displays a trust feeling that the company as well as the website are authentic.

Majority of ecommerce industries and medium or large businesses opt for OV SSL.

Extended Validation Certificate:

As the name certifies, extended processes are involved, while gaining this certificate and hence this is the highest form of SSL certificate. Sensitive data and high value transactions when communicated on site require an extra layer of security, and hence EV SSL certificate is ideal for such companies.

Apart from business verification, multiple check processes are involved, and hence the issuance time of EV SSL is 1-3 business days.

This is the best for large enterprises and corporates, where high level of trust and genuinity needs to be showcased.

Apart from the above 3 validations, there are multiple types of SSL certificates.

Analyse your company requirement and later select which certificate type and validation is ideal to secure your business.

Different Types of SSL Certificates:

Single Domain SSL Certificate:

This SSL provides the lowest level of validation by securing only the main domain of your company. Small business owners who need security for their main domain can opt for this certificate.

This single domain DV certificate will not secure any sub-domains. Only the host name (domain name) which you have listed in the certificate will be secured.

Example: If your domain name is www.mysite.com, it will not secure blog.mysite.com.

Comodo PositiveSSL certificate is inexpensive, quick in issuance and provides 256-bit encryption security. This DV SSL comes with free reissuances, unlimited server license and a trusted site seal too. 

Wildcard SSL Certificate:

Unlike Standard SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate extends its encryption security to unlimited subdomains apart from securing the main domain. Its notation is in the form of an “*” which comes prior to the domain name.

Example: Single Wildcard SSL certificate can secure www.mysite.com and blog.mysite.com, article.mysite.com etc.

GeoTrust TrueBusiness ID Wildcard SSL certificate is an OV certificate offering strong protection to domain and unlimited subdomains with a single certificate.

Multi-Domain SSL/SAN SSL Certificate:

Multi Domain SSL certificate or SAN (Subject Alternative Name) SSL as name specifies, secures multiple domains (up to 100) and multiple subdomains and public IP addresses with a single certificate. It can be used on multiple servers too.

Example: Single Multi-Domain SSL certificate can secure www.mysite.com, www.mydomain.com, blog.mysite.com, article.mydomain.com etc.

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a DV SSL, which comes with 99% mobile browser compatibility and Comodo site seal too.

Does your Small Business need SSL Security?

 Yes, Undoubtedly. According to Accenture’s Cost of Cyber Crime Report, 43% of the cyber-attacks are aimed at small businesses. Only 14% are capable of facing those attacks and the remaining are mostly out of business in 6 months due to huge irrecoverable losses.

Hackers are aware about the fact that small businesses have limited finances and hence their web security levels are bound to be low. Hence hackers find them easy targets and successful attempts.

SSL certificates are available at affordable rates at Cheap SSL Shop specifically for all types of businesses.

What SSL Certificates should Small Businesses Buy?

Single Domain SSL or Standard SSL certificate is ideal for small businesses having single hostname and low network traffic.

This entry level DV SSL (Comodo Positive SSL) will suffice in providing strong 256-bit encryption security and 2048 bit Key Length. They come with a warranty of $10,000 USD and 30 day money back guarantees too. It is available at the lowest rate at CheapSSLShop, which is affordable to small businesses.

Even RapidSSL certificates (DV) or Thawte SSL123 are also ideal for small businesses.

Many DV entry level certificates are available in multiple global brands which can secure your web requirements.

If your small business needs to secure subdomains too, then you can opt for a Wildcard SSL certificate of any popular brand. And just in case, you have multiple websites on different domains, multi-domain SSL is always preferred.


SSL certificates on your small business website not only secures your business information, but also enhances loyal visitors and attracts more customers, thus boosting sales figures. Popular browsers send a “Not Secure” warning on HTTP (Non SSL) sites, which creates a negative impression on businesses.

The most significant factor of SSL certificate installation is that it boosts the SEO rankings too. This digital certificate is worth every penny, so go for SSL certificate and secure your small world.

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