Why Kodi is best used with a VPN

Posted on June 7, 2019 at 6:36 AM

Why Kodi is best used with a VPN

If you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with Kodi. What danger can a simple media player pose, you may wonder. Of course, you will not necessarily be using it for pirated content. However, even when everything looks legit, hackers could still find a way to compromise your data, as you are on the Internet.

Hence, a VPN is not a requirement. Rather, it is a reasonable recommendation. You may find an overview of the latest and best software on VPNs for Kodi and other sites. Do not get focused on free programs only, as security is definitely worth investing in. By getting a reliable virtual private network, you safeguard yourself against a host of cyber problems.


The principle

A VPN provides a secure connection that is encrypted and private. Once you go online, your computer is assigned a certain IP address, which may be tracked by malicious users. However, as soon as you switch on your VPN, this information is replaced and thus hidden.

For instance, someone living in China could use a U.S.-based VPN address to access Google and other services that are blocked based on geolocation. For any traveler, this measure is essential for several reasons. First, connecting to any free wifi networks, however tempting it may seem, renders your device vulnerable to hacking. Secondly, you may not be able to access, say, your favorite HBO series unless you have a U.S.-based IP.

The value of VPN for Kodi

As you can see, getting a decent VPN is a good idea in general. Despite the nature of Kodi (it is just a media player, i.e., an empty shell), there are certain additional benefits.

  1. Kodi is an open-source platform, which raises general security concerns. Whatever you stream via the player may be laced with something harmful.
  1. When you get any add-ons from third parties, you put safety at risk. Such add-ons may be created by anyone and anywhere. Hence, even if you steer clear of pirated videos, you could be attacked.

Which VPN should I install?

There is an abundance of software available today. Specialized review sites and customer feedback will guide you in the right direction. Different programs will offer different features and price tags. An important consideration is to aim for those pieces of software that will not consume too much of your bandwidth, causing connection speeds to deteriorate. In conclusion, it is always best to compare opinions from a number of sources. After all, the customer’s feedback may not be genuine.

The takeaway

For a security-conscious Kodi user, VPN should look like reasonable methods of protecting data. The advantages of the encrypted connection in this narrow field only reflect the general value of VPN services. Today, when humans spend so much time online, and smart homes are equipped with internet-connected gadgets, the risks are only increasing. Hence, it is best to prevent problems before they arise. Extra caution will never hurt you, but it will prove helpful.

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