Cyber Security in emerging Internet: Growing Issues

Posted on October 9, 2013 at 4:23 PM

Cyber Security in emerging Internet: Growing Issues

Mobile botnet is a botnet that targets mobile devices such as smartphones, attempting to gain complete control of them. Mobile botnets take advantage of unpatched exploits to provide hackers with root permissions over the compromised mobile device, enabling hackers to send e-mail or text messages, make phone calls, spy on users, access contacts and photos, and more. The main problem is that botnets go undetected and this make really difficult to tackle.

The malware spread themself sending the agents to other devices via e-mail messages or text messages. But cyber threat related to mobile devices is not also related to a malware infection, due the difficult to track the origin of attacks in many cases these platform are used to launch attacks in deliberate way, it’s the case for example of a user that decide to participate to a DDoS attacks downloading a specific toolto flood with traffic the final target.

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