Russian hacker group KillNet claims to be behind the US airport websites’ DDoS attacks

Posted on October 11, 2022 at 7:58 PM

Russian hacker group KillNet claims to be behind the US airport websites’ DDoS attacks

The representative from the Department of Homeland Security’s Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Organization, or CISA, refused to elaborate on who was behind what showed a synchronized sequence of DDoS occurrences that did not affect airport operational activities or planes going within and outside of them.

CISA seems to be conscious of findings of DDoS targeted attacks towards numerous U.S. airport internet sites, according to the authority, who refused to discuss the matter publicly or offer any extra details about the hacking attempts or who could have been directly to blame. They are collaborating with affected entities and guiding as necessary.

Based on the formal account on Twitter of a Russian provider, Russian-speaking cyber attackers from a team named KillNet asserted accountability for the threats, which momentarily took down webpages at 14 airport terminals, including LAX and ATL. 

As per CISA, DDoS cyberattacks are employed to overpower data centers by submitting numerous complaints in the same period. Per a retired White House cybercrime representative, Frank Cilluffo, the data centers organizing the airport web pages were overloaded with numerous complaints in this particular instance, rendering it nearly unfeasible for visitors to interact and get notifications on their international routes or ask for airport assistance.

According to Cilluffo, these DDoS threats are typically designed to garner interest instead of causing considerable ruination or interruption, such as closing down operational aspects.

Cilluffo, the general manager of Auburn University’s McCrary research center for critical and cyber system security, stated that the incidents are not insignificant and may be the start of a broader pattern. Whereas this event was almost certainly the result of cyber attackers caring for Russia, it highlights the likelihood of more of that kind of vexing cyber action in the future.

More notably, internet behavior cannot be viewed separately from broader global politics, and it’s essential to differentiate between minor inconveniences committed by hacker groups and more serious cyber occurrences supported by Russia or its proxy servers against their vital infrastructure and essential systems. They must remain vigilant in keeping their guard up about the other team.

CISA’s head of workforce, Kiersten Todt, stated that the organization is vigilant. As per CNN, Todt stated Monday at a conference held in Georgia that clearly, they’re monitoring that and that there’s no major worry about activities being interrupted.

Not the first attack

As per CNN, KillNet threatened several Us goals the other week, along with official internet sites in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Colorado.

According to Glenn Gerstell, NSA’s ex-legal director, these cyberattacks are infamously challenging to relate, remarkably quickly following an extensive and organized sequence of events. However, he believes the current Russian regime, possibly through private-sector corporate computer hackers, is unquestionably the most probable explanation.

Gerstell, previously a staff at the president’s NIAC, stated that it’s difficult to imagine it’s the effort of spontaneous lawbreakers or adolescent cyber criminals enjoying life since it appears to be organized with an invasion on various big air transport airport internet sites. The committee provides security risks to the city’s economy to the head of state and national security assistant.

It demonstrates their weakness in the US to hacking attempts caused by behavior and governmental events across the globe.

According to Gerstell, who now serves as a top adviser to the ISP at the CSIS in Washington, the fact that no service operations appear to be torn offline is excellent news.

It does not appear to have had any impact on aviation or airport operational processes, let alone airport authority. However, it highlights their security flaws in information innovation and how everyone depends on this, if it’s just checking whenever a plane arrives or exits or the ongoing situation at an overcrowded airport.

Joe Biden explicitly told Russia that the United States would react if hacking assaults on American businesses and vital facilities as a component of its blended military initiative against Ukraine.

In his video statement in reply to Russia’s breathtaking incursion of its European neighbor, Biden didn’t go into detail about the United state’s reaction.

However, according to American security analysts, such a reaction may include anything from strengthening America’s information security support system to deploying top-secret aggressive hacking tools against Russian objectives, such as its essential systems.

Russian hacker group KillNet claims to be behind the US airport websites’ DDoS attacks
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Russian hacker group KillNet claims to be behind the US airport websites’ DDoS attacks
This Monday, unidentified cybercriminals threatened and momentarily shut down the government internet platforms of many significant airport terminals in the United States.
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